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Best Bed Linen Bedding Products in UK Market


Our bed linen bedding is a hit with hotels, holiday homes, care homes and institutions alike. We supply wholesale base platform valance, bolster cover, Fitted Sheets, Fitted valance, Flat Sheets, Duvets, Duvet Covers, V shape covers, Mattress toppers, Pillowcases and many more home textile items to wholesale and private customers in the UK and Internationally.

The range is wide and diverse supplying everything you need, whether for a home or a place of work. Moreover all of these products are also available in fire retardant category. YES! Bed linen offers you the best fire retardant bedding in the market.

Sleep is an essential activity in our daily lives, and the need for it should never be ignored. You probably know plenty of people who don’t get enough sleep. Perhaps you are even one of them. If you haven’t been getting enough sleep, you may be experiencing some negative side effects.

After a long day all you need is a comfortable place to lay down and enjoy a sound sleep and if your bed is not making you feel comfortable, it can make you feel devastated with our comfortable products you can add comfort and make your bed look classy.

If your health has been suffering, don’t discount the fact that it could be caused by the sheets you sleep on every night. A multitude of chemicals goes into their manufacturing process. This, in combination with the heavy use of dyes, makes it no wonder your health and the health of others may be compromised.

From dyes, to weave, to fabric types, no two sheets are created equally. Another frustrating element is the fact that many products are packaged in a misleading way. Options on the market today include: non-toxic, chemical-free, and organic. Which one is honestly the best? Below is a breakdown of what to watch for the next time you’re shopping for a new sheet set and which type is really the healthiest.

Stick to organic cotton in light colors if you are searching for the healthiest bed sheets. You have a less-likely chance of overheating with lighter colors, and your skin and lungs will never be exposed to chemically laden material colored in heavy dark dyes. Less tossing and turning means you might actually wake with a smile.


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Things and memories that only cricket lover can relate to…

cric u live

Dreaming of becoming a cricket when you were a kid

the first thing that every cricket lover has done in his childhood is that he has always dreamed of becoming a cricketer. he wanted to become a great cricket and he always had pesters of the cricketer that he admired in his childhood. That is the reason that some cricket fans are in love with cricket so much that they leave everything when it comes to cricket. Because they are dreaming of it for a long time to become a cricketer and they are thinking about it all the time. Some cricketer fans have tried to become a cricketer and left their studies as well so it is hard for them to stop struggling.

Getting the ball back from the neighbors

You always love what you have done, and you admire that others can do it better than for you. When you love to paint you admire the good painters because they make better paintings, then you and you want to learn by see more their work and their art and their style of thinking. Same goes for the cricket lovers; every cricket lover has played cricket in their childhood. They have played in the streets and on the roads and faces the problem of getting a ball back after the great six. That is the biggest issue in India that stops kids from being kids. They cannot play at their best; they have to stop hitting sixes because they would not get the ball back. They know that they have to play defensively otherwise they will lose the ball and for kids, the ball is not a thing to lose as they would not get new.

You cheer up for your team even when they are losing

The best thing about cricket lover is that they will never leave the side of their team; it does not matter if they are winning a match or losing. Till the last ball, they are going to cheer up for their team, and they are going to pray to the GOD for their team’s win. They will support their favorite players and their batting when they are not performing well. That is the true definition of a true fan that they support that player and their team when they are in their crisis. A fan who criticizes his team when it is in a crisis then that is not a true fan.

Gathering that loves cricket

Furthermore, when you are a cricket fan than it is obvious that you are going to get attracted by people who love cricket. Because that you will have so much to talk about all the time. There is always something that is going on in the cricket world like, IPL, PSL, BPL, or world cup by ICC. So whenever you get together, there will be a lot to talk about, and you would not get bored with the company that loves cricket as you do. Because if you live in an Asian country, then you are going to have a gathering that loves cricket as well as you do. Otherwise, you will get bored of the company, and your friends would not last longer than months. But if you are in a gathering, that has same interests as you then your friendship is not going to end in years or like ever. You will have friends for life.

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