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How to choose the perfect rangefinder for your game


If you’re in the market for a distance measuring device let us share with you some of the options that you might want to consider they’re really two different kinds of distance measuring devices there are GPS units in this case they’re in the form of watches or you could download an app to your phone now these units will really give you your G’s to the front middle and back of the green but they don’t give you precise right to the flag and that’s where range finders come in today we’re really going to focus on the laser rangefinders now they all do a really good job of locking in on the target but the big difference is whether or not they have built in slope technology and what that means is if you’re standing 150 yards from the green and it’s a flat shot from you to the flag the reading you’ll get on all three of these devices is 150 yards but let’s say the green is elevated with a slope function built into your rangefinder it’ll tell you that exact yardage

it may say 157 now that’s the part that the USGA would rule non-conforming you cannot use the slope function during tournament play but as long as you have the slope function turned off any of these are fair game in tournament play the first one I’m going to take you through is the precision Pro and x7 it sells for $200 again it locks into the target very nicely and it’s water resistant it can shoot up to 400 yards and one nice little feature is the company will give you free battery replacements once the once the battery runs out but again no slope feature on this on this one for $330 the loopholed GX 2i3 this does have a sloped feature it’s rather easy all you do is just press this button and it’ll put the SLO feature on press it again and it’s off one thing that’s nice about this is that it actually makes club selection recommendations for you so you tell it your normal yardages and it’ll then make recommendations for what club you should pull it’s almost like having your own caddy built into this little device the last product

Bushnell Pro x2

we have is the Bushnell Pro x2 this sells for five hundred dollars one nice feature about this is it comes in two different displays you can choose to see the numbers in either red or black it also has what the company calls jolt technology and what that simply is is when you shoot the flag and you’ve locked in on the flag the product will actually literally shake in your hands to confirm that you’ve nailed your target it’s very easy to switch in and out of the slope setting when you do that the product is in the slope setting which means now it’s going to consider the incline or the decline on the shot and when you do that you’re back into the normal setting and this is the setting that is conforming for tournament play all of these companies offer differently priced products as well as there are a range of other companies that are in the laser rangefinder business so if you’re looking to up your game a distance measuring device whether it be a laser rangefinder or a GPS unit is sure to help you!

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